Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sun Webserver, perfect for the cloud

I've been working with Softlayer for a while and now more so as they are adding Cloud services. Their cloudservices have been off to a slightly rocky start as their development teams have surely been working hard on rolling this feature out.
I'm going to do a full review when I've put it into production use and when the last few kinks have been ironed out. To start off I can say their cloud offering performs very well and seems to retain the same performance at any moment of the day.

In my case their cloud is used to run both Java Virtual machines (Glassfish, Jboss, Tomcat) and Sun Systems Java Web server 7.0 which ties it all together.

Sun webserver is excellent for the cloud.
Unlike others you do not need to find a way to communicate configuration files to the different servers. You can do all configuration from a master node and push it to your webservers and if you push the content (rsync, NFS) as well you can fully automate your ability to scale up and down on their system.

I'm going to come back with a more in depth technical article on this one to help those who want to accomplish the same.

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Rick Campbell said...

Thanks, Barry for your post. Well, it is rather old now, can you recommend any other clouds for today? The reason why I'm asking is that I want to sell a part of my company and think of using some data room providers . Have you ever worked with companies alike? Thank you so much in advance for your reply